My Jianlei Story
In year of 2007, after graduation from university and getting my way out of campus, I entered Beijing Jianlei where everything was new to me.
In 2007, Jianlei Group Base was located in Shilong Industrial zone in Mentougong District, Beijing, at the foot of Qingshan Mountain, the air there was fresh, neighborhood was elegant, the place can be regarded as the Xanadu in noisy Beijing with office buildings, processing plant, storehouse, dormitory, basketball courts, ping pang courts, poolroom and other places for entertainment.
My very first day at work, my boss Mr. shi, the managing director of the company introduced to me:" it has almost been 14 years since the establishment of our company, we have been dealing with stone, glass and metal curtain walls in public constructions, and interior decoration and installation projects as well, we are a company with qualifications of First-Class curtain wall constructions, Class-A design, decoration and installation constructions. Over these years, we have done a great deal of projects, won a large number of awards, you can learn more about the company later… ” Listening to his gushing over the company, I felt exciting; I could feel his pride as a Jianlei people! What about me? I warned myself to strive hard.
I am mainly responsible for the bidding work which is just a start in the whole project and seems insignificant, but in fact, bidding is a complicated and important work involving extensive contents, a complete set of tender document covers all contents included in a project. Normally, tender in early stage can be divides into three processes: 1. Tender application. 2. Pre-examination of qualifications. 3. Tender documents for the project. The pre-examination of qualification presents the financial and technical power of a company, and the tender documents is a summary of a company’s investment in certain project, generally there are business tender and technical tender.  A business tender comprises certification documents and tender offers, and a technical tender refers to the constructive organization design and strength of the project team. I groped about experience and accumulated knowledge from every bidding task. Every time the company won a tender, I was mad with joy, for me every set of bidding document was a piece of art. I love my work, and I love my career.
There were too much beautiful memories over the past two years in Beijing Jianlei, I cherish the past and look forward to future!
In May, we stood at the source of Great Wall—Laolongtou facing the vast sea with infinite power hidden inside, listening the sea water lapped rocks on shore making strong noise, as if crying a better tomorrow for us and Beijing Jianlei.
In the end, I want to say: “Peach Blossom Pool is a thousand feet deep, yet not so deep, Jianlei, as your love for me!”
Li Xiaojiao
June 19th, 2009