Beijing Jianlei, Creates Architectural Culture Together With You
Art changes life, technology improves quality.
With the constant progress and development of human society, the cultural value of architecture has been more and more treasured. Every minute of our life is connected with architecture, every one holds different or same attitudes towards architecture as which give expression to our spiritual demands in various areas, such as politics, economy, science, technology, philosophy, religion, art and aesthetics. Differences of times, regions, ethnic groups, lifestyles, habits, working and production patterns, ways of thinking, customs and social Psychologies all closely relate to architecture. Many of the structures show different emotions and temperaments, and behind them, there are stories and legends.
Architecture and art are closely linked with each other, in the age that advocating personality and development, architecture styles forever vary, so do people’s appreciation of architecture, all kinds of artistic expressions of architecture have gradually went along. The inspiration to design architectures of art comes from dribs and drabs of life and abstracted and purified to create new life. Construction is art as well, modern construction techniques has entered a new era, various materials and constructive practices such as decorations and steel structure, all add new beauty to architectures. Live in a building, taste the building of life.
Architectures are elaborate art crafts behind which there are highly skillful foundations. The quality of architecture is not only showed in appearance and construction, more importantly, in functions that meet people’s needs in life. The artistic perfection can only be realized based on the satisfaction of functional requirements. Along with the advancement of human society, people have new interpretations for the endurance and safety of architecture, which ask for endless technical innovations, this is where the quality of architecture relies on.
   We can take architecture as a specific occasion under which there are different architectural cultures came into being, for example, the building of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of P. R. China, the expression of politics and economy, the simple and magnificent decorations gives imposing manners and distinguishing Chinese features. Architecture carries its own culture, like a man with mission and responsibility for the future.

Architecture bears the aggregation of culture and exchange of thoughts and information. Beijing Oriental Plaza, “City in the City” not only fulfilled the functional demands as an office building, apartment building, shopping mall and hotel, but played an important role in the surrounding economic development.

We pursue and create, as a part of the architectural industry, we urge ourselves to continuously challenge tough projects. What we go after is the accuracy of every organizational link without missing of any detail matter. We aspire after art, and more the quality life.

Beijing Jianlei International Decoration Construction Co., Ltd. hopes to cooperate and makes progress together with you in fields of curtain wall, decoration and installation, mechanical and electrical installation, steel structure, windows and doors and dry hanging granite to co-create elaborate works.